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As a beginning piano student of the site, I would suggest getting the basics down before branching out into songs. Learn how the keyboard is constructed as it relates to White & Black Notes, Scales, Chords, Chord Formulas, Chord Patterns & Progressions. Once the basics are well practiced, then go into songs. Even though I have been playing the piano for numerous years, I still go over the basics myself. This helps me stay well versed in all keys. For all who have registered on the site, there is a Keyboard Basics PDF (http://smoothchords.com/index.php/blog/item/keyboard-basics-free-pdf-download?utm_source=newsletter_76&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=how-should-beginners-approach-smoothchords) document that can be downloaded and it is packed with information that you will need to know. Also utilize the Free Lessons (http://smoothchords.com/index.php/free-items)