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Enhance your daily routine and optimize your overall health by purchasing our innovative, award-winning products — LIMU ORIGINAL®, BLU FROG®, BLU FROG 2®, LIMU LEAN Protein Shake Mix® and LIMU LEAN BURN®. Introduce your body to ultra-premium liquid nutrition.

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LIMU is a direct sales company that brings cutting-edge products to market through a growing distribution channel of independent distributors.

The LIMU Experience allows people to live differently. Whether you’re looking for improved health or fitness, weight loss, more energy, a better lifestyle or financial gains, we provide all the tools, techniques and training you need to succeed.

At the heart of LIMU lies a healthy line of satisfying and sharable products that are high-impact and high in demand.

Our ultra-premium, liquid nutritional drinks contain a natural blend of tropical fruits, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, with no added sugar or artificial colors, plus Fucoidan, our proprietary seaweed supernutrient that’s power-packed with beneficial properties that support your body systems, fill nutritional gaps and promote optimal health from the inside.